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Please note balls may only be purchased in an order containing at least one 2016-2023 full cake.

This tea is the highest quality (Ji Pin) of BoHeTang.

The Chen YuanHao Guarantees

Chen YuanHao's reputation is legendary, as one of the oldest and most respected producer of elite puerh you can really trust:

  • Authenticity: your tea really comes from the area it says it's from.
  • Quality: real 100% pure ancient tree tea, not blended.
  • Storage: This tea has been professionally stored in controlled environment for optimal aging.

Please note that most Puerh (even good ones) sold as "ancient tree"/gushu is at most 20-50% pure ancient tree (usually blended with big or small tree leaves). When Chen YuanHao declares a tea as "ancient tree" it means 100% pure, a grade almost never found for sale.

Also note that wrapper design can change slightly from year to year. The pictures of the leaves have been taken within 1 year of pressing and represent faithfully any years of production of this tea.



357g cake (2022), 357g cake (2019), 8g ball (2019)


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