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Cha Wang Shu Zhai is the premium garden in the Gua Feng Zhai tea area, and is a primeval forest surrounded by mountains, streams, and fresh air, with an altitude between 1,050 and 1,450 meters. The tea is characterized by the strong leaves of ancient trees with thick stems. The golden liquid is rich in aroma and mellow in taste, with a strong aftertaste that renders it one of the best varieties of Pu-er tea.

Our CWS is a quality step above any other CWS in the market. The strength of this tea is otherworldly, the very high density of flavour with low to medium astringency contributes to make this tea both an exceptional cake for aging and an excellent strong brew when consumed young.

Our CWS has repeatedly been found to be the best available on the market by various reviewers and expert.


8g ball, 357g cake


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