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Man Xiu Lao Zhai is a located in the middle of YiWu proper, close to Man Luo Village. It did not acquire its reputation until it stood out by winning the Gold Award in the 2019 Yiwu Tea Competition Conference. Chen Yuan Hao offers a special and high-quality tea selection of Man Xiu Lao Zhai with really intense strong and sweet aroma, with a substantial but ethereal base transforming over the session.

Excerpts from a review of the 2023 cake by Mattcha’s blog:

“Dry leaves have a creamy woody pungent forest odour. […] There are savoury notes as well as sweet with a long creamy sweet cooling breath finish. […] The sweet tastes expands a touch then fades into the aftertaste. […] Overall this Man Xiu has a very smooth clean ethereal Gushu feeling about it. […] The high you get from the Qi is really nice.”


8g ball, 357g cake


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